Our Team

Rosann Park-Jones, PG
Vice President / Principal Geologist

University of Nebraska‐Lincoln B.S. Political Science, minors math & chemistry

University of Nebraska‐Lincoln, B.S. Geology

State University of New York — Albany, M.S. Geological Sciences

Professional Licensing

Illinois Licensed Professional Geologist, #196.001361

Pennsylvania Licensed Professional Geologist,

Delaware Licensed Professional Geologist, S4‐0001286

Louisiana Professional Geologist, #542

Technical Specialties

Over sixteen years of professional experience in environmental consulting, as project manager for public and private sector clients. Ms. Park‐Jones’ areas of practice include environmental due diligence associated with mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and property transactions, regulatory compliance and permitting. She has managed projects involving Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), RCRA Part B Compliance, RCRA Corrective Action, remedial investigations, hydrogeologic and geologic investigations, UST investigations, brownfield investigations and remediation, and remedial response actions pursuant to the Illinois EPA SRP, TACO and LUST programs as well as other state programs.

Professional Memberships

Geological Society of America

American Institute of Professional Geologists

Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists

Specialized Training

Interstate Technology & Regulatory Council (ITRC), LNAPLs: Science, Management, and Technology

Groundwater Hydrology, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Environmental Law, Washington Center, Washington, D.C.

OSHA 40‐Hour HAZWOPER & annual refreshers

OSHA 8‐ Hour Supervisory Course, Bethesda, MD

Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC)

Women owned, experts in our field.

Key Projects

Project Manager of a remedial investigation and large‐scale excavation of contaminated soils at a former petroleum tank farm in Huntington Beach, CA. The brownfields site is undergoing redevelopment.
Project Manager of a UST Excavation and Closure at River Point, a 52‐story office tower along the Chicago River in the West Loop. The project is part of a planned redevelopment of a brownfields property. Oversaw geophysical surveys, UST excavation and closure, soil sampling and characterization of the extent of excavation; also prepared 20‐day and 45‐day LUST reports.
Task Manager for a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment of a DuPage County, IL brownfield property. Conducted radiologic and geophysical surveys, soil and groundwater sampling and analysis to evaluate contaminants of concern. Prepared and submitted to US EPA a Brownfield Assessment Grant and two Cleanup Grants.
Task Manager overseeing subsurface soil and storm water sampling at a manufacturing facility in Glendale Heights, IL.
Project Manager for a project involving sampling of a spilled DEA‐regulated substance (testosterone) at a shipping facility. Recommended proper disposal methods.
Field Manager for a geotechnical investigation and LUST soil remediation in support of a redevelopment project in a Chicago‐area suburb. Project involved removal of LUSTs and contaminated soil from a former gas station. Oversaw demolition of site building and segregation of Clean Construction and Demolition Debris (CCDD).
Performed contractor oversight and wrote ROR/RAP/RACR reports summarizing environmental work on parcels undergoing redevelopment as part of the Chicago Housing Authority’s Rockwell Gardens Phase 2A rental project, in order to receive a No Further Remediation (NFR) letter from the IL EPA.
Prepared CSIR/ROR/RAP/RACR reports under the Illinois Site Remediation Program (SRP) for three brownfield parcels slated for redevelopment as part of Rush University Medical Center’s expansion in Chicago. Obtained NFRs for the three parcels.
Project Geologist on a Nature & Extent investigation at a Whiting, IN refinery. Project involved delineating dissolved phase and light non‐aqueous phase liquid (LNAPL) impacted groundwater based on past monitoring history and a review of 1100 monitoring well logs. Selected 100 wells in different operating units for sampling & analysis, slug and baildown testing, and GC fingerprinting of LNAPL. Authored a report summarizing the historical use/operation of different refinery units concentrating on the environmental issues within the main refinery. Prepared a Sampling and Analysis Plan and monitoring well inspection report which were submitted to IDEM.
Project Manager at a refinery in Delaware City, DE overseeing all environmental work involving RCRA Part B Compliance of regulated hazardous waste units; 35 Solid Waste Management Units (SWMUs) were identified and investigated. Project Manager of a Verification of Release Study for 15 SWMUs and 2 additional units as part of a RCRA Corrective Action submitted to US EPA and DNREC, which was approved. Performed a hydrogeologic investigation of non‐chlorinated organic compounds in groundwater and oversaw budgeting, forecasting, client communications, and managed field teams’ work.
Project Manager of a subsurface soil and groundwater investigation at a former auto dealership and service station in Philadelphia which was redeveloped by a big box store. Project involved test pits, soil borings, installation of monitoring wells and sampling, pump testing and a feasibility study. As a result of client suing former owners and adjacent owners for contamination of onsite soil and groundwater, Ms. Park‐Jones was subpoenaed and provided expert testimony. Client won a multimillion dollar lawsuit as a result of the groundwater & soil investigation.
Project Manager for a soil and groundwater investigation involving dewatering of land prior to construction of an underground parking garage and medical office building in Abington, PA. Project involved treatment and disposal of groundwater, petroleum‐contaminated soils, disposal of USTs, sampling of monitoring wells, soil gas work, test pits and a pumping test.
Project Manager for a Phase II ESA which consisted of subsurface soil and groundwater investigations at two manufacturing facilities of vinyl and aluminum windows and doors in northwestern Pennsylvania.
Project Manager for Phase I and II ESAs at a crystal oscillator manufacturer in Norwalk, CT. Investigated subsurface conditions around USTs and ASTs including a chlorinated solvent distilling and recycling building. Project included a soil gas survey, soil sampling, rock coring, tightness testing of a UST, sediment and water sampling from an outfall.
Project Manager of Phase II ESAs involving subsurface soil and groundwater investigations on behalf of a railroad equipment manufacturing concern in various locations in SC, KS and Ontario, Canada.
Project Manager for Phase I and II ESAs at industrial trash compactor manufacturing facilities in PA, AL, and NV.
Project Manager for Phase I and II investigations at a door manufacturer as part of a real estate transaction. Investigation included evaluating buried drums where the door manufacturer had disposed of wastes and sampling of onsite monitoring wells in Northumberland, PA.
Project Manager for a groundwater investigation in Glasgow, DE involving assessment of groundwater flow direction, sampling existing onsite monitoring wells, and assessing nearby leaking USTs.
Project Manager for Phase II ESA at an automobile parts manufacturing plant located at a former tannery in NW Pennsylvania. Issued reports to both buyer and seller, and performed soil sampling after the property transaction.
Project Geologist for investigations of trichloroethylene (TCE) contaminated groundwater at the Recticon/Allied Steel Superfund Site in Parker Ford, PA. Project involved installation of activated carbon filtration systems on private supply wells, quarterly sampling of wells, and extension of a public water line. Negotiated terms of agreement with the US EPA on behalf of a Fortune 500 client.
Site Geologist at an on‐site dioxin incineration project at Fort A.P. Hill in VA, providing technical assistance to USEPA.
Site Geologist providing technical assistance to US EPA at the Fike Chemical NPL site in Nitro, WV involving air monitoring, characterization and disposal of thousands of drums of hazardous waste and unknown material in sludge lagoons and chemical warehouses. Onsite work performed in Level B PPE (personal protective equipment) included oversight of cleanup contractors characterizing drums.
Project Geologist for a geophysical survey of the Nitro, WV landfill where it was believed drums of hazardous waste were buried. Spearheaded a team of scientists and engineers to survey the landfill.
Project Geologist that oversaw sampling at the 440‐ acre Avtex Fibers Superfund Site in Front Royal, VA, the world’s largest producer of rayon. Site investigation activities included sampling groundwater, outfalls, and onsite waste sludge.
Project Manager of the Bensalem Drum Emergency Removal Site in PA involving the sampling, analysis, and disposal of abandoned drums and site soils.
Project Manager of Newport Drum Emergency Removal Site in Newport, DE. Project involved overpacking drums, bulking compatible hazardous waste materials and transporting and disposing of drums and affected soils.
Site Geologist at the Spectron Chemical NPL Site in Elkton, MD, a solvent recycling facility. Provided oversight of sampling and bulking of hazardous wastes for offsite disposal.
Project Manager at the Deardorff Drive/Ridge Road Superfund Site (PA) involving chlorinated solvents (DNAPLs) in groundwater. Project involved sampling of groundwater at commercial and residential wells to verify removal of solvents using activated carbon/UV systems and preparation of summary reports.
Site Geologist at Drake Chemical NPL Site in Lock Haven, PA. Project involved database management, disposal of hazardous wastes and sludges.
Site Geologist at Whitmoyer Laboratories NPL Site in Myerstown, PA involving sampling and disposal of hazardous wastes including arsenic sludge and sodium at a vetinary pharmaceuticals facility. Assisted US EPA with public meetings and media interviews concerning cleanup at the site.
Geologist as part of a team of scientists and engineers that provided on‐call 24‐hour emergency response work at uncontrolled hazardous waste sites throughout US EPA Region 3. Work involved multi‐ media sampling in Levels B and C PPE at chemical fires, railcar accidents and leaking aboveground storage tanks (ASTs). Sampled illegal discharges from industrial sites, PCB‐contaminated soils and sludges, and evaluated groundwater after large chemical spills.

Published Papers

  • Harper, G.D., and Park, Rosann, 1986, Comment on “Paleomagnetism of the Upper Jurassic Galice Formation, southwestern Oregon: Evidence for differential rotation of the eastern and western Klamath Mountains,” Geology, v. 14, p. 1049‐1050.
  • Park-Jones, R., 1988 Tectonic setting and deformation of the type Galice Formation, Western Klamath Mountains, Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, Cordilleran Section meeting, v. 20, p.219‐220, 1988