Calumet City, Illinois


Phase I ESA, Geotechnical Survey

Project Duration


Project Team

Rosann Park-Jones, PG
Patricia M. Bryan, PG

Calumet City, IL Former
Trucking Terminal

PHASE I ESA and Geotechnical Investigation

Bryan conducted a Phase I ESA of a former trucking terminal located in Calumet City, Illinois on behalf of a trucking company (Fleetech, Inc.) working with a construction company advising on redevelopment options (Direct Steel and Construction). The Site consists of two parcels totaling 7.5 acres that includes a former trucking terminal and an adjacent vacant parcel located in an area with mixed commercial and industrial uses. The Site previously operated for almost 30 years as a trucking terminal, maintenance and office building until early 2016 when it was vacated.

A review of Site records indicated that spills were reported for previous Site occupants. Bryan reviewed a previous Phase II ESA report and LUST/UST investigation/closure report. During Bryan’s Phase I ESA, Bryan noted evidence of spillage of petroleum and other materials in the tractor maintenance areas, compressor room and stock room. A large indoor aboveground storage tank (AST) and vent pipes from other USTs were observed in the maintenance area, and oil-stained soils and stressed vegetation were found outside the facility near the maintenance areas. A total of five Recognized Environmental Concerns (RECs) were identified at the Site, one Controlled REC, and nine data gaps/other findings were identified in Bryan’s Phase I ESA.

A geotechnical investigation was conducted at the adjacent vacant parcel (4.23 acres) for possible redevelopment as a paved parking lot. The vacant lot had a dense cover of trees and brush with limited access. A total of four locations were drilled along the property boundaries using a truck-mounted drill rig and hand auger with split-spoon sampling. Soil samples were collected from each location and analyzed using the Unified Soil Classification System (USCS), moisture content, and calibrated penetrometer tests.