UST Removal/Closure

Project Duration

6 weeks

Project Team

Rosann Park-Jones, PG

Former UPS Trucking Terminal

UST Removal/Closure

Ms. Park-Jones, when employed by Roux Associates, oversaw the removal and closure of a 10,000-gallon fiberglass UST containing diesel fuel at a former UPS trucking facility located in the Chicagoland area. The former UPS trucking facility removed the fuel station, including the double-walled fiberglass diesel UST, prior to selling the facility to another business for redevelopment as a bakery.

Ms. Park-Jones provided contractor oversight, photo documentation and reporting of the UST removal and closure, and documentation of the condition of excavation fill materials and piping. After cleaning out, purging and inverting the UST, the contractor carefully removed the UST from the excavation. Ms. Park-Jones collected confirmation soil samples from the UST pit. Laboratory analysis of the soil samples from the UST pit along with the absence of readings on portable field monitoring equipment confirmed that no leakage had occurred, which concurred with the decision made by the State Fire Marshall representative.