Glendale Heights, IL


Phase II ESA (groundwater and soil sampling, geophysical survey) Quarterly Monitoring of onsite stormwater, and sanitary sewer discharges

Project Duration

1 year

Project Team

Rosann Park-Jones, PG

Surya Electronics, Inc.
Printed Circuit Board Industry

Surya Electronics, Inc. Printed Circuit Board IndustryPHASE II ESA, Quarterly Monitoring of Stormwater & Sanitary Sewer Discharges

Ms. Park-Jones, when employed with Roux Associates, Inc., conducted a limited Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) of the Surya Electronics, Inc. facility in Glendale Heights, Illinois. Surya Electornics operates in the printed circuit board business, including printed and etched circuitboards. The site employs over 100 employees that work in multiple shifts.

The Phase II ESA included drilling of soil borings and installation of temporary monitoring wells. Before drilling commenced, a geophysical survey was conducted at the Site in order to ascertain the location of underground utilities; the proposed soil borings were in an area with multiple buried utilities next to the building. After clearing the boring locations, temporary monitoring wells were installed, soil and groundwater samples were screened with a photoionization detector (PID) and logged. Samples of soil and water were analyzed for heavy metals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Quarterly monitoring for approximately one year was conducted of onsite trench drains within the facility and stormwater and sanitary sewer discharges. The quarterly monitoring events were sampled with automatic samplers over a 24-hour period and water samples were collected and split with the Village’s subcontractor. Ms. Park-Jones authored quarterly monitoring reports that were submitted to the Village and owner of Surya Electronics, and maintained databases of all sampling results.